UV curing ink EPSON Print head series

UV curing soft color ink CM

3Liters (CMYKLcLm* 500ml

For print on the hard rigid media with UV curing result, anti scratch, 3D texture embossed result.

UV curing soft white ink CM 500ml

For used print as a white background at the dark media.

Super strengthened coating NonMetal 1Liter

Used for hard rigid materials, such as Arylic,
Glass 1 Liter package

Super strengthened coating For metal 1 liter

Used for especially metal.
1 Liter package

Print head cleaning C 1Liter

For maintain and wash the print head with UV ink; also for put the cap station for keep print head wet.
1 Liter package

Soft Varnish CM 500ml

Make materials more vivid and shining

Glass injector

To clean the print head with special liquid. 1 pcs


Print on dark media with this software, apply for all focus model printer.
Manage CMYK+WWWW, CMYK+WW, 2*CMYK and CMYK+WWW+Varnish…more printing model.
USB and Dongle.

UV Ink damper 4pcs

Royal-Jet backup using

Transit ink tube 3pcs

Go with the machine, for clean the print head by injection.

Non-woven cleanign fabric 1bags

For wipe the print head surface

Ink refill injection 12pcs

Go with the machine, for clean the print head.

USB flash 1pc

Include User manual, driver, ICC profile, installation video, trouble shooting file

User manual 1pc

User manual for guide the customer using and daily maintain.

Pakage 1pc

113*132*94cm 3.05m3
Weight: 350KG

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